Our Philosophy

In a nutshell, we don't try to do everything for everyone. We are a small, relatively specialized company with a fairly low overhead, that decided in 2001 to concentrate on the creative new developments in modern inkjet imaging. Our clientele encompass artists, photographers, graphic designers, and advertising professionals. Essentially, we tend to attract clients who wish to have more direct personal communication with the person who is translating their images and digital files, in a subtle way, through the inkjet process. We try to maintain a good eye. This is not a commercial lab engagaed in quick turnaround imaging.

We choose to output on a wide variety of media and surfaces. These include many types of coated art papers and photo quality media that embody color and tonal accuracy associated with museum quality print imagery. The new pigment based color output we use make possible some of the most beautiful and permanent prints of any process available. New papers designed especially for these processes such as made by Canson, Hahnemuhle, and Harmon, are some of the finest media available for any kind of printmaking. Canvas and fine art fabric printing is also a new area with various canvas media and Jacquard inkjet fabrics. There is a revolution going on in printmaking today and we are committed to being a continuing part of it.

Our Founder

John Dean started this business, Dean Imaging, in Candler Park Atlanta in 2001 to specialize in the expanding area of high stability pigment based digital imaging for the art community. Dean Imaging specializes in working with art photographers, painters, and multi-media artists to materialize their creative ideas digitally. John has both a BFA in art photography / art history, from the University of Arizona in Tucson and an MFA in art photography from Tyler School of Art of Temple University in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He studied with Todd Walker, William Larson, Harold Jones, Esther Parada, Wayne Enstice, and Larry Fink. John studied the history of photography with Keith McElroy, Susan Cohen, and William Johnson. He has a very strong background in art history and the history of photography, having worked at the Center For Creative Photography in Tucson for several years. In those student days he showed rare prints to researchers and students at a very interesting time in that instututions history. There he learned about the finest photographic printmaking first hand from the actual portfolios of many of America's and Europe's greatest art photographers. In that environment he met many of these great printmakers: like Ansel Adams, Emmit Gowin, Harry Callahan, Aaron Siskind, Frederick Sommer, Paul Caponigro, Barbara Crane, Jack Welpot, Jerry Uelsman, and W. Eugene Smith to name a few who visited and taught there.